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Choose to love - rather than hate
Choose to smile - rather than frown
Choose to build - rather than to destroy
Choose to persevere - rather than to quit
Choose to praise - rather than gossip
Choose to heal - rather than wound
Choose to give - rather than grasp
Choose to act - rather than delay
Choose to forgive - rather than curse
Choose to pray - rather than despair
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Whole Lot of Scrapping

How nice to wake up this morning and have electricity. Yesterday we were without electricity the whole day. It came back on at 16H30. Imagine a whole day without your computer, radio, Slice machine...need I go on!!! Roulien's challenge on Lets Scrap last Friday was to do a LO of Summer Holiday photos, using a Let's Scrap sketch. I struggled with this a bit. My mojo went M.I.A. Nebertheless, I finally finished it and here is the finished product. LO is called "Down by the River". Photos are from our December holiday last year when we were all together at Sundays River.

Finally I got to photograph the pride of my life at the moment. My sweet peas that I have managed to grow. The COLORFUL CREATIONS challenge was to use the words "If I...." in the title or journalling. My title is "If I .....Plant the seeds spring will be beautiful" I enjoyed this LO. Had to think really hard about what to do and how to do the title.

The photos for the last LO today have been in my box of things to do and I just did not know what to do with them. Enter COLORFUL CREATIONS. Challenge ~ World changers. Straight away I knew my photos were at last going to be scrapped. Proves everything comes to those who wait.!!!! The bigger of the two photos is Nelson Mandela's statue in Mandela Square in Sandton. Took Dorian on the Gautrain and could not help myself acting like a tourist ~ just had to snap a photo of the statue. Second photo is when THE GREAT MAN made a surprise appearance at the 2010 football world cup final. Warrick (my son) was at the final and managed to take the photo when Mr Mandela came out on the field.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Have a fun filled weekend, enjoy whatever it is you have planned!!! To all my South African scrapping friends attending the convention ENJOY!!!!!!

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