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Choose to love - rather than hate
Choose to smile - rather than frown
Choose to build - rather than to destroy
Choose to persevere - rather than to quit
Choose to praise - rather than gossip
Choose to heal - rather than wound
Choose to give - rather than grasp
Choose to act - rather than delay
Choose to forgive - rather than curse
Choose to pray - rather than despair
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Friday, September 17, 2010


After trying unsuccessfully for a while to find employment I had kind of given up! I was told "you are too old", "too much experience for this position" and a whole range of other excuses. The harsh reality is that there are so many people who are unemployed that for every vacancy they probably receive three or four hundred cv's and so it is just difficult to find anything. Well that is until I received a phone call from my friend on Wednesday. She said "would you like to do  a temp assignment in Wadeville?" I said yes and started work on Thursday!! It is only temporary, but it gives me a start back in the job market after a five year period of no work! How awesome is that.

Of course the whole routine in our home has had to change and my scrapping time has been cut to a few hours when I get home, but hey working means more money to scrap....Heehee!!

Have finished two gorgeous LO's and will be posting them tomorrow. Still need to photograph them. Until then enjoy your weekend. Have fun, no matter what it is you choose to do.


  1. I'm so glad that you were able to find some work Bev. I know how hard it can be. The three largest employers in our town closed their doors 2 years ago. Unfortionatly my husband and I worked for 2 of them. I was lucky to have worked at my job for 34 years so did get some pension but my husband spent 2 years finding work and like you it is only temporary. I hope that you are enjoying the new job.
    I have a little something for you on my blog so come and visit to see what it is.

  2. So happy that you have found employment Bev!!! I had to go back to work at the beginning of this year, luckily with my hubby, but I must admit to having battled to settle back into it. I LOVED being a SAHM!!


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