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Choose to love - rather than hate
Choose to smile - rather than frown
Choose to build - rather than to destroy
Choose to persevere - rather than to quit
Choose to praise - rather than gossip
Choose to heal - rather than wound
Choose to give - rather than grasp
Choose to act - rather than delay
Choose to forgive - rather than curse
Choose to pray - rather than despair
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Blog Hop Resolutions

Hi all. Things are going a bit rough at the moment on the personal front and so my crafty friends are keeping me going. Thank goodness for the blog hop over at Lets Scrap . It keeps my mind active and helps me to relax. I have completed a few more resolutions!!!

Resolution #6 hosted by Roulien . Roulien has a valentine themed resolution. Go on over to her blog and check it out!! Here is my take on her challenge ~ I so suck at cards - but hey try and you might get lucky!!!

So that is what I came up with!!!!

Resolution # 7 is hosted by Kristie . Kristie wants a LO to include a banner! I have tried not to print any new pics for this blog hop and I had these pics of Warrick and Kerry when they were still real young! Don't have many photos of them when they were small so these are special

How cute are these photos. They are the same age as what the grand babies are now. How scary is that!!!!

I am Resolution #8 ~ so next is Mandy . Mandy has a real fun challenge. It is all about laughing and fun!! My photos are awful ~ but they were such fun!!! Take a look!!!!

How awful are those pics, but I will always remember the funny side!!

So that is where I am at with the blog hop. Please visit Lets Scrap and check out the fun challenges. The hop only finishes off on the 14th February. You still have loads of time!!!

Thanks for looking. Until next time ~ keep safe!!!


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  1. Love "Adored", especially the colors. All the layouts are very nice.


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