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Choose to love - rather than hate
Choose to smile - rather than frown
Choose to build - rather than to destroy
Choose to persevere - rather than to quit
Choose to praise - rather than gossip
Choose to heal - rather than wound
Choose to give - rather than grasp
Choose to act - rather than delay
Choose to forgive - rather than curse
Choose to pray - rather than despair
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

This is the latest Lets Scrap sketch. I absolutely love this sketch and know that I will definitely use it again. Cheri has an amazing ability to just keep on coming up with these stunning sketches.  

This is my LO based on the sketch. The photos are Claudia playing in muddy water. This is when she is happiest.

I love the way this LO has turned out. This is my first attempt at a banner and I am proud of myself for getting it to look Like I know what I'm doing ......Heehee.

We took Claudia on a picnic yesterday. We had so much fun, but my word two year olds are HIGH MAINTENANCE. The funniest is everytime she doesn't get what she wants she says "I'm tired". The minute you say OK fine lie down on the blanket and have a snooze she decides she is fine. Here are a few pics of her at "her" picnic.

Going for a walk in search of a duck.

Having a hissy fit because she could not get her own way!

Trying to catch butterflies!
Having a quiet moment by herself.
I am going to spend the rest of my day scrapping and relaxing, preparing for work tomorrow. Hope you have a peaceful day and thanks for having a look.

Have a blessed week.

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  1. So very happy for you Bev, that is wonderful news!!


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